About us

Our mission

Fighting indoor pollution since 1996

Breathing is a basic need. However, we often underestimate the importance of the quality of the air, starting with the air of the spaces we live in.

Yet, the evidence is indisputable:

Since 1996, team Gioel has been driven by the commitment to eliminate indoor pollution.

Our team of engineers, researchers and designers has specialised in devising more and more effective and environmentally sustainable vacuuming, sanitising and air purification systems.

The need to clean the air

80% of dust is floating in the air – not resting on surfaces

80% of dust and particulate matter inside your home is floating in the air – not resting on surfaces.

This is the reason why traditional vacuuming devices are not enough: you need a purifying and sanitising system that can absorb pollutants and allergens, keeping them from re-entering the air.

Learning from then rain

Our solutions are inspired by nature

We have acknowledged the importante of washing the air of indoor spaces – to do it,  we took inspiration from nature: rain has the capability to actually reduce smog levels and other pollutants floating in the atmosphere.

Hence we set about reproducing the cleaning action of then rain inside homes and work spaces. This is how the Gioel water-based filtering system was devised.

Green technology

The result is a patented water-based filtering system

Taking inspiration from the rain,  the 3-level water-based filter cleans the air by eliminating all harmful substances without using disposable filters or chemical detergents.

This patented and certified system is the technological heart of all Gioel devices designed to purify the air using water, to vacuum surfaces and to steam-clean.