Gioel Equilibrium Pro

Balance air purification and wellbeing

While it sanitises your home by cleaning the air, Gioel Equilibrium Pro lets you dive into a multi-sensory experience.

Purify air with water

No disposable filters nor bags: using just the power of water, Gioel Equilibrium Pro cleans the air in the work spaces by eliminating all pollutants.

Why use it?

the air in indoor spaces is 5 times more polluted then the air outside

we spend 90% of our time in indoor spaces

80% of the dust and particulate matter is floating in the air

How it works:
water-based filtering system


dirt particles are channeled from the air to the water tub


the intake air and the water are channeled to the molecular separator which traps the pollutants by rotating at more than 22.000 cycles per minute


the now-clean air is released in the room, while the dirt stays in the tub

Results: humidity is stabilised
and pollutants are eliminated

  • bacteria and spores
  • particulate matter
  • formaldehyde
  • benzene
  • methanol
  • cigarette smoke
  • CO2
  • droplets, including infected ones
  • pollens
  • pet allergens

3 modes of use

AUTOMATIC cycle: Gioel Air Pro detects the contamination level in the air and starts up autonomously

PRE-SET cycle: three pre-set cycles of duration and speed, from the lightest to the most powerful.

CUSTOMISABLE cycle: you can set the duration, speed and how many times the cycle will be repeated. The app provides the Indoor Quality Index level based on air quality data displayed every 5 minutes.

Dive into a multi-sensory experience

Beside purifying the air, Gioel Equilibrium Pro will help you to win back your inner wellbeing in the work place: use the app to live an immersive experience.


First, select the mood you wish to experience

  • ENERGY mood:

    if you need to bounce back

  • FOCUS mood:

    to zoom in

  • RELAX mood:

    if you want to unwind


Then, choose which senses you wish to activate

  • stimulate your EYESIGHT:

    Gioel Equilibrium creates 25-minute light shows and chromatic combinations specifically targeted on your mood

  • stimulate your SMELL:

    the app suggests the fragrance that best suits your mood among 10 available options. You just need to add it to the water in Gioel Equilibrium Pro tub

  • stimulate your HEARING:

    the device connects to a Spotify playlist matching the mood of your choice